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Evan & Casey Shippers
i would go all the way off the map for you
4th-Nov-2009 01:15 am(no subject)


26 MORE HERE @ mowmows !
Don't forget to comment and leave credit if you use . <3
21st-Oct-2009 07:39 pm - fic: bend the pieces till they fit.

bend the pieces till they fit
evan/casey. r. the alignments fell apart when they broke up and she runs her knuckles over his knee, wrests away the shampoo bottle and they’re never going to be any good at being friends. 423 words.

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JANE | every other freckle

2.02 Crush Landing

As ZBZ prepares to hold a crush party, Casey and Ashleigh realize they both have a crush on the same guy. Elsewhere, Rusty turns to his new RA, Max, for advice on his education.
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Episode Discussion
2.01 brothers & sisters

Season 2 begins with the annual Greek Week competition. Despite their opposing houses, Calvin and Rusty strive to remain friends. Meanwhile, Casey has to decide what to do about Rebecca's actions over spring break, and Rebecca's continuous bad behavior doesn't do the situation any good.


Sorry this is a little late. But feel free to discuss the episode, and what little EC there was here. Hopefully we will get more this season!
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15th-Aug-2008 06:27 pm - Fic: There's nothing like You and I
Title: There's nothing like You and I
Series: One shot.
This fic is set right after a certain scene between Evan and Casey in the S01E21. So spoilers to this episode. Oh and, this is 1- My very first fanfiction; 2- The very first story I write in english (I'm french). So please be tolerant. And comments would pretty much make my month, so make me happy please! ^^
I wrote this fic because in my dreams I own Evan. But I suppose it's only dreams... So I own nothing. I'm just borrowing...
Evan's thoughts after a certain discussion with Casey. Written listening to a song by the Perishers, hence the title.

27th-Jun-2008 07:26 pm - ep 1.15 & 1.16 icons
[01 - 14] Episode 1.15
[15 - 20] Episode 1.16


HERE @ reverseofshade
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27th-Jun-2008 07:21 pm - episode 1.05 - 1.12 icons
[24] Greek (Episodes 1.05 - 1.12)


HERE @ reverseofshade
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27th-Jun-2008 03:46 pm - season one discussion post
This post is for us to discuss anything and everything Evan/Casey from the first season of Greek. So share your thoughts on their relationship thus far or discuss why you love them etc here.
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27th-Jun-2008 01:27 pm - affiliates
If you have a Greek related community (show, character, pairing, graphic, icon, actor/actress) then please comment here to be affiliated with us.

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27th-Jun-2008 01:18 pm - Welcome
Welcome to evan_casey, the first ever community dedicated to the pairing between Evan Chambers and Casey Cartwright on ABC family's new show, Greek. Please take a look at the userinfo and then feel free to post anything related to the couple, or the individual characters, and the actors that play them. And most importantly, have fun!
Gossip Girl - ECL // trio of love
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